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Listserv is a collection of electronic discussion groups which are online forums where people discuss a particular topic by receiving and posting messages using e-mail or the web. In addition, Listserv is a convenient resource for sending announcements to a group of people by using a single e-mail address to reference the group.

Note that electronic discussion groups are also called "distribution lists" or "lists." To subscribe to a list, you must know the name of the list.

NEW: The Listserv system at Temple was recently upgraded from 14.5 to 16.0. This new upgrade includes a redesigned interface as well as enhanced security features, which include the following:

  • All commands sent via e-mail require confirmation from the sender. The sender, therefore, will receive a response from the Listserv system to confirm the message.

  • Passwords sent as part of a command are no longer accepted. If a password command is included in a message, the command will be rejected.

The following items provide information and instructions for participating in discussion groups hosted on